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Dot box,coil machine speed controller
Product Origin:xiamen China
Color:black and chrome
Market Price:$45
Product Details

The dot box can help turn any coil machine to be slower speed,speed arrange is 40 50 60 70 80Hz,change it into a dot machine for making Dotwork Tattoos using controlled intermittent power bursts. The Dot Box is simple and easy to use! It works in-line and plugs directly into your power supply in the clip cord hole.

For Best Performance:

· The Dot Box works best with medium or slow, hard hitting liners or any shader

· Quick and zippy light hitting machines are not as effective

· Best dots are made using Tight Rounds....Loose Rounds seem to blow out a little bit

· Some machines need to be turned up a Volt or two for better results

· It can use on rotary machine,but not recommended,it will effect the motor life

· Timing of the tattoo machine when in use with the Dot Box will create various rhythms and patterns, adjust voltage and Dot Box Delay for varying performance and effect

· Match hand speed to the intermittent power bursts to ensure clean dot patterns....if the Dot Box is at a slow setting you will need to move slower, fast setting move faster .


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