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Tattoo Power Supply UFO power supply
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Item NameUFO power supply


AccessoriesAdapter 1pcs,cable 1pcs





1、Output Volt 3-18V, adjustment the voltage by knob,Clockwise voltage up,anticlockwise voltage down;

2、Output currently 3.4A,make your machines work more powerful;

3、Momentary starting voltage 10Vreturn to the actual voltage in 0.2 second;

4、Different Volt different light color,the light breath gradually when the power supply working;

5、Pedal mode

Momentary modePress 2 seconds,the LED light flashed once;

② Continue mode: Press 2 seconds,the LED light flashed once,then you can control the power supply by pedal or knob;

6Turn on pressing the knob or step the pedal,turn off pressing the knob 5 seconds, LED light will be turned off, but turn off the volt screen should be shut down the power.

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