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Wireless tattoo pen battery pen magnet connector
Product Details

Product Specification

Detachable battery Mechanism

Material: Aluminum

Battery Type: Lithium battery

Battery Capacity1800mAh

Motor: Coreless Flat Motor 8V 11000RPM

Stroke: 4.0mm

Connector: Pin/RCA or Magnet/RCA (Without Battery Pack)

Operating voltage4-12V,suggest not exceed 10V

Battery ChargerDC5V/2A (standard USB Adapter)

Battery Charging cable: Standard USB C Type cable

Battery Safety: Microchip Battery controller which prevents short circuit, over charge or battery drain.

Charging time: 1.5 hours (100%, 2Amp 5Volt Adaptor)

Running time: Up to 10 hours (full Charge)

Jump Start Volt: 9V 0.2 Seconds

Package Includes:

Magnet connector1x Pen Drive, 1x Battery Pack, 1x Charging Cable,1xRCA cord

(You can Buy additional Battery Pack, Ask your Dealer)


Unique Battery detachable tattoo pen which allow artist to work uninterrupted even if battery is completely discharged by simply connecting RCA/MAGNETIC connector and use with conventional power supply

Long Press Power Button to Switch ON/Off the Tattoo Machine

Machine will start with previously adjusted Voltage

Press Power Button for Start/Pause the machine. Pedal icon will indicate the machine working.

To activate JumpStart feature, Quickly Double press Power Button when you are going to start the machine and Lightning Icon on Display will appear as well.

MARS PEN comes with power saving mode. When any switch is not pressed for 10 seconds then screen brightness will automatically decrease. It will save battery capacity significantly. Normal Brightness will be back automatically when any switch will be press again.

We strongly suggest to use 5Volt 2Amp USB Power adaptor for Quick charge the battery Pack.

 When you connect charging cable to charge the battery pack, lighting icon will appear. And it will show battery capacity in 0-100%. You can disconnect the cable when it shows 100% Charged.

Mars pen will automatically switch off if any no activity recorded for 5minutes.

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